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Mano Fishnets started in the year 1995 by an aspiring businessman Mr.M.Xavier Manoharan, who was a fisherman himself hoping to manufacture fishing nets that can satisfy him and his fellow fishermen needs. With time Mano Fishnets turned out to be an unavoidable and popular fishing nets in the industry.

Our fishnets are fabricated with high-quality twine in order to enhance the durability and softness for a good catch. We are using skilled manpower with advanced technology to meet the touch of fishermen. Moreover, Mano Fishing Nets stand for quality, durability, and performance. We can customize the knot (single/ double), sizes, depth, colour, and other varied specifications according to the diverse demands of buyers. We provide premium quality fishing nets at a reasonable price. Our supply chain of fishing nets spreads across different parts of India and overseas.

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Years Of Experiences

Leading Manufacturer of fishing nets in Kanyakumari District 

We are the leading manufacturer of Nylon multi-filament & Nylon mono-filament nets in the Kanyakumari District. Our quality control team ensures only fine fishnets without any defect come out of our factory. By using the latest imported machinery to provide quality nets.
Using Imported Machinery
Skilled workers & employees
25+ years of manufacturing experience
Producing high-quality nylon filament
Mano Fishnets


We are committed to provide or supply the fishnets within the time as it is demanded by our customers.



Our manufacturing process of fishnet is carried out by using the latest imported machines which are designed by highly trained engineers in order to meet the international standards.



We use the best raw material from world-class suppliers in order to deliver the end product on time. Our quality inspection team takes stringent measures in every stage of the production as well as the packaging process.



We are equipped with a well-trained and experienced quality control team and various levels of laborers. Our team is frequently acquainted with the latest updates in industrial knowledge to meet the need of clientele.

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Our fishnet are manufacturing by using 100 % virgin Nylon by using advanced technology.

Nylon Multifilament Fishing Net

Our Nylon Multifilament Fishing Nets, which are appreciated for high abrasive strength with perfect knots are made out of high-quality twine and advanced technology incorporated machineries. Our nets are customized...

Monofilament Nylon Nets

Our Nylon Monofilament Fishing Nets, which are appreciated for high abrasive strength with perfect knots, consistency, transparency, smoothness are made by using 100 % virgin Nylon (Polymide-6) to ensure as well as...